Tru Tech Systems was founded in 1989 by Steve Smarsh, President and CEO.  Based in Mount Clemens, Michigan, Tru Tech designs and manufactures high precision CNC grinding machines and provides precision grinding services.

The heart of the TRU TECH machine is the patented centerless grinding unit, based on the Dedtru concept (Dedtru is a registered trademark of Unison Corp.).  The TRU TECH Unit has many improvements and benefits over the old Dedtru, with extremely high accuracy.  Standard repeatability is guaranteed within 30 millionths of an inch, and an optional super-precision model guaranteed within 5 to 10 millionths.  Combined with CNC Pick-N-Place Talking Software developed in-house, the TRU TECH 3-Axis CNC Precision Grinding Machine is not only the most user-friendly machine around, but also the most accurate!  Due to customer demand, a full line of precision CNC grinding systems are available featuring the innovative TRU TECH Talking Software. 

This same technology is used in Tru Tech's own state-of-the-art facility to provide contract grinding services.  Specializing in high precision and micro components, Tru Tech can grind some of the world's toughest jobs; currently grinding for the aerospace, electronics, medical and other specialty industries. Tru Tech has over 50 CNC grinders in a very clean and modern manufacturing environment, ensuring that parts are produced to the highest quality standards.

Tru Tech Systems currently serves the U.S., Canadian and European markets, with plans to expand sales worldwide.

Tru Tech Systems is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and innovative products and services in the field of precision grinding and machine manufacturing.  Our ultimate goal is to exceed customer expectations.  In order to attain this goal, we will strive toward complete customer satisfaction by:

  • Adhering to the highest level of quality standards
  • Delivering our products and services on-time
  • Promoting an atmosphere in the workplace of teamwork, employee involvement, and continuous improvement

Tru Tech Systems has implemented the ISO 9001 quality system, and is committed to excellence in quality and service.

P.O. Box 46965 • Mt. Clemens, MI 48046 USA
Toll-Free: (877) TRU-TECH / (877) 878-8324 • Fax: (586) 469-2702
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